The Video of a Man Chopping Cilantro We Can’t Stop Watching


Rebecca Castañeda stepped into 2018 and was, nearly instantly, launched to the dizzying world of viral fame when, on January third, she posted a video to her Twitter account of a chef named Rogelio chopping an unlimited bushel of cilantro in her household’s California restaurant, El Camino Actual. Since, the video has garnered over three million views, drummed up a substantial dialog on Twitter, dazzled hordes of viewers, and catapulted Rogelio, the cilantro chopping champion, into the annals of digital stardom.

However the notoriety doesn’t come with out advantage, Rogelio’s type is nothing wanting beautiful: With one hand he confidently grabs a cilantro bushel that seems nearly a thousand stalks huge, whereas the opposite hand, wielding an intensely sharp knife, makes brusk, deft cuts, slicing at a wide range of angles. He works from stalk finish to leaf finish till nothing is left however a tiny mountain of freshly minced cilantro. The biting, earthy scent virtually wafts off the display.

Castañeda recorded the video within the kitchen of her household’s restaurant in Fullerton, California and posted it to Snapchat, however after receiving some optimistic responses, she reposted an extended model of the video to her Twitter. It was there that the video took off. She adopted the unique up with a sequel, this time Rogelio fills a thigh-high inventory pot with freshly minimize cilantro. The sheer quantity is dazzling.

Castañeda’s dad and mom opened El Camino Actual in 1993, and whereas they’ve loved appreciable brushes with fame—together with common visits from Kobe Bryant—none rival this second of viral fanfare. The web, because it does, reacted with fervor to Rogelio’s two-minute routine. Along with a skyrocketing view rely, the tweet has upwards of 60,000 retweets and a slurry of comical responses.

Some posit that Rogelio is that this 2018’s #SaltBae, a culinary phenom for a brand new 12 months. Might this be true? Does it even matter? Who is aware of. Regardless, it is enjoyable to observe a twenty-year-old family-owned enterprise obtain the eye it deserves for serving Mexican meals with supreme method.

This text initially appeared in January 2018, however we’re bringing it again as a result of everybody may use just a little Rogelio from time to time.

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